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About Us

Patches of Star Dairy is a goat dairy with a natural approach to life. We are new to the product world, but not to goats as I've owned goats for twenty years. We mainly have registered Saanens which are the gentle giants of the goat dairy industry and we've added a new line of boer goats to compliment our meat line. We believe in longevity and so our animals are raised to live long productive lives under non-stressful situations.

-- Elly Hushour
 I've owned goats for twenty years and through the years I have learned that these animals are truly amazing in nature.  They provide us with not only a wholesome milk, but healthy products that our bodies need to thrive on.  I believe in a holistic approach to life and so I raise my goats in a holistic manner to provide us with the best products possible for our bodies and themselves. All my animals are raised on natural hay, organic mineral mix, beet bull, sunflower seeds, kelp, and a small amount of natural grains. Non-chlorinated clean water is provided to them daily and they exercise in large paddocks on a rotation basis for grazing .


We supply a variety of semi-soft goat cheeses made at the farm. 
All products contain natural ingredients. We have a soft spreadable chevre that comes in three flavors: plain, lightly salted with sea salt, and raw honey. Our Queso Blanc is a firm ricotta-type goat cheese which comes in plain,  garlic-parsley and sun-dried tomato/basil flavors. We've also introduced a creamy-feta with sweet roasted peppers into our line of cheeses this year. This also comes in a glass jar with olive oil or plain.